“Love is life at its highest and best.”

Sabrina Buchanek, ALSP/GHP

While enjoying a successful career as an L.A. recording engineer, Sabrina Buchanek decided to feed her soul by pursuing a license as a spiritual practitioner at the renowned Agape International Spiritual Center. Over the past decade, she has held leadership positions at Agape and founded the Agape Singles group.

Through her work with this group, Sabrina realized that love is what gives life its deepest meaning. She found that others, like herself, wanted to have more love in their lives, which prompted the questions "Where does love come from?" and "How do we experience real love?"

Sabrina embarked on a journey of research and insights that became the workshop series Discover Yourself In Love™. Using simple techniques, she has guided hundreds of people past patterns that limit love's flow. This shift allows a new sensibility to become powerfully in love and connect to a world of love and fulfilling relationships.